name: TRAPgewas design: studio ONSjan
commissioned by: Wooninc

TRAPgewas is the winning design for the entrance of the De Rembrandt. A young, fresh and new building which Wooninc.built the centre of Eindhoven. ( Vrijstraat)
The banisters, mail boxes, lights and doorway are integrated in one design called TRAPgewas which look like giant twigs and leaves that grow into the building.
At the other side of the doorway there is a big square for the residents of the building. studio ONSjan also designed the furniture and a fence for this square.

Commissioned by Wooninc. and completed in june 2011.
studio ONSjan worked togehter with: Van Aken Architecten, Van Straten Bouw, Spaan metaal, Ecolop, Mansveld.

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